2013 Poster - "Mile Marker 331"

2013 Poster - "Mile Marker 331"


Our 2013 Commemorative Poster has at its heart an incredible image by 2013 artist, Chris Dahlquist.  Chris has participated for many years in the MAIN ST. show; however, this is the first time her work has been featured on our showcase poster.  From her artist's statement, Chris approaches 21st century photography with, "the sensibility and aesthetic of a 19th century photographer. By employing the best characteristics of both eras, I create anachronistic images of in-between spaces."  Her images are transfered to metal plates, each treated by hand.  She goes on to say, "My images are metaphors for the in-between places in our lives. The ones where we must be mindful to appreciate the subtle beauty and richness that quietly reside there."

Her image has been transferred with a great deal of care to our poster design, measuring 22" x 30", by Gladys Pinkerton, of Pinkdesign.  Cockrell Enovation has masterfully kept every detail intact with their professional sheet-fed print process, and Olmstead-Kirk has graciously donated the archival, high-grade paper.  The poster will be unveiled at our Collector's Club preview party on March 26, and both signed and unsigned versions will be available.  In addition, the House of Frames in Fort Worth will be at the event selling these on-site, and would be happy to matte and frame them for you. 

Online orders are being taken now, and quantities are limited! 

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