2014 Commemorative Poster - "Main Street Starry Night"

2014 Commemorative Poster - "Main Street Starry Night"


Daniel Ng, from Portland, Oregon, was selected to create this year’s beautiful commemorative poster, “Main Street Starry Night,” a colorful and dramatic perspective of Downtown from Sundance Square Plaza to the Courthouse.

Daniel paints with imagination but not from imagination. Each landscape painting is inspired from an actual place. He creates composition in a simplified form with designs of shapes and patterns found in the nature world. Daniel is definitely a colorist. With a drybrush technique, he applies acrylic paints in layers to develop bold vivid colors to bring out eye-catching contrast in his designs. It is his own whimsical interpretation of each individual scene that sets his paintings apart from typical landscape painting. Daniel is located in Booth 452.

This beautiful, unframed poster (signed or unsigned), is printed on Astrolite Silk 80# cover paper stock from Monadnock and hybrid inks by Cockrell Enovation. The poster was designed by Pinkerton Design. Poster will be available for shipment on Monday, March 31, 2014 and will come rolled in a sturdy packing tube.

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